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Servicing Cars For Over 46 Years!

We are family owned, operated and hands-on serving the Hicksville area for more than 46 years.  Our team has decades of quality transmission repair experience, and we’re ready to meet your needs.


When feeling secure on the road is a must, turning to an auto specialty shop for regular maintenance and parts replacement is important. At Habby's Transmissions, we're proud to provide our customers with reliable auto service. We boast an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

It's not our practice to overcharge or short-change our customers, and we'll provide you with ASE-certified mechanics on every visit. We can perform general auto work, including oil changes and clutch repairs, and our mechanics are available to help local businesses maintain their service fleets.

We mainly work on:

  • Transmissions

  • Radiators

  • Auto AC and heating

The next time you want help from a local auto specialty shop, we'd love to hear from you. Stop by Habby's Transmissions today to meet with our service team about needed repairs on your automobile. We serve Hicksville and the surrounding areas, and we can accommodate Spanish-speaking clients.

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