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Transmission Specialists Vs Auto Repair Shop

If you’re like many people, you have an auto repair shop you go to whenever problems arise. Habby's Transmission is a full of high-quality auto specialty shop. There are times when your car has a problem that your trusted car mechanics can’t fix. There are unique and complicated issues that go beyond a a general mechanic. Transmission problems are one of these issues.

As transmission specialists, all our technicians handle one thing; transmissions. And that’s what we’ve been doing since opening in 1975. Most general auto repair shops don’t handle any transmission work. 

When you choose to take your car to a transmission specialist, you are hiring someone who works exclusively on transmissions. No matter what specific problem your vehicle has, the transmission specialist will have experience, knowledge, and tools that are specific to that exact problem.

You are probably aware how important a transmission is for your vehicle to be properly working, but do you know how complex it is? Transmissions are the most multi-faceted, complicated component of your vehicle. There is a great deal of intricate parts – gears, moving parts, etc. – that need to work together properly for the entire system to function well. Nothing else under your hood is as complex as your transmission.

When you go to a general auto mechanic, no matter how much experience that person has, their transmission experience is inevitably diluted. Since they also face all kinds of other vehicle repair needs on a daily basis, they can’t possibly have the specialized experience in transmission repair that a person has who works exclusively on transmissions.

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